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Amarillo Texas

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Come on in to Joy's Pitstops! I'm Joy, and I live in Amarillo Texas. I've lived here well over 10 years. I'm originally from Norfolk Virginia. I still have alot of family in Va & North Carolina. I have to admit I miss the ocean (Virginia Beach) & Ocean View. I watched them tear down Ocean View Amusement Park many years ago. I have alot of fond memories of my childhood there & I also miss how beautiful & green everything is. It's not exactly like that here in Amarillo but Tx is okay. It's home now. If you wanna know more about me please read my FAQ.

Note: Here you will be able to find various links to places in Texas & Virginia as well as links to some of my favorite things. Racing, music, sports and a lot more! Take the nickel tour of Ocean View. It will bring back memories. Check out my Dad's Corvette Photos and Nascar photo's. Enjoy yourself! If you have any questions please ask Jeeves! He knows everything:) *Here is a link to my photo album*

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